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If you are looking for something specific or perhaps just want certain genre or classic fandom trope then you might want to try searching my tags. I try to tag everything. But then Delicious turned into a hateful bitch and made everything even more difficult.

Here are the pages you can look for tags. One day *soon* I think there will be a site that will be perfect for bookmarking fanfiction. But for now:

All the tags lead back to my LJ where the fic links are.

I backed up everything on Delicious here and have added more.

Eventually these will only be author and main fandom tags.
LJ Tags

This will phased out soon, but for now you can search by title here.

I read fic. And then I *squee* or *flail* about it. Sometimes people agree with my incessant babbling, which is awesome. And sometimes they don't, which is also cool. I'm not a critic nor do I claim to have any taste to speak of. I can spot good fic and immerse myself in it for days, but I also readily admit I relish reading a bit of badfic as well as greatly enjoying shallow romances. Remember, you've been warned.

This ain't my first spin on the merry-go-round. I've been in one fandom or another for over decade, cracking my teeth on anything Joss put out.

I adore Supernatural. I'm also getting rather enamored with Glee!

Pairings? No worries, I'll be sure to tell you if the context is not homoerotic, k? Pretty much everything is either Sam/Dean Wincest or J2. They're just that hot. But I'm open to most any ship.

If you find something that is F-locked let me know and I'll see what I can do. Sometimes, though, the only thing is to ask the author to friend you.

~~Age Statement~~
Dude, I'm not putting my birth date on here. But I will tell you that I've been legal for almost as many years as I wasn't legal and that makes me feel pretty damn old these days.

Anyone can friend/subscribe/circle (whatever you call it) me, I don't mind. I usually only friend fic writers so I can use my flist to scroll for things to read. Please don't take it personal if I don't friend you back.

This journal is NOT child friendly.
Why? Because I'm an adult and I talk about adult things. Very adult things.

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